Course Levels

What do the levels mean?

Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are grouped into levels, from Entry level to level 8.

Qualifications at the same level are a similar level of difficulty, but the size and content of the qualifications can vary. Training Genie currently offers some online courses that will provide the correct level of knowledge and understanding in order that the learner can then undertake exams at the the following levels:

Level 1 Qualification

For those new to the workplace requiring a simple training course and subject awareness to keep them and those around them safe, when starting work or as part of an induction programme.
Duration typically ½ day

Level 2 Qualification

Safety training for people in the workplace who participate in activities related to the subject area. Examples are shop floor employees and front line staff employees in production or services.
Duration typically ½ to 1 day

Level 3 Qualification

Aimed at those in the workplace who require training courses in activities related to the subject area and who also have a related supervisory, advisory or training role.
Duration typically 3 days

Level 4 Qualification

Aimed at those who are working in technical and professional roles and/ or managing and developing others.
Duration typically 5 days