About Us

Training Genie has been magically created as the online training provider for Bowthornes Ltd. Bowthornes was founded in 2012 by Fiona Horne and Richard Horne (Both –Hornes – get it? Cheesy we know, but it works!) and was a marriage of two long standing brands Fiona Horne Training and Horne Coaching. Our lamp HQ has been based at Eventus Centre for Business Innovation since 2011.

Fiona is a genie, teacher, trainer and coach. An independent industry trainer since 2007. Although she is great at multi-tasking – her desk in the lamp is often messy, but she says that shows that she has a creative streak?

Although her background lies in hospitality and catering, Fiona has considerable experience in delivering different levels of qualification and learning to a wide variety of clients and industries and in creating learning and eLearning resources.

Delivering training and speaking all over the UK, Fiona’s main aim is to make training accessible, engaging and fun and this is the foundation of the Training Genie ethos. Fiona’s props include a rubber chicken, cuddly bacteria, a giant inflatable world, a plastic poo and a remote control cockroach.

Richard is a genie coach and trainer and is all about people development in both business and sport. He has a huge amount of commercial experience in household names such as Allied Bakeries, L’Oreal, Cow & Gate and Quaker, he is a qualified rugby coach and his desk in the lamp is always tidy.

Richard set up Horne Coaching in 2010 to help companies improve their performance and profitability. Training and coaching was at the core in helping to turn around a number of SME’s.

Richard currently works with a number of companies, training and coaching managers in technical and leadership skills, and shaping successful sales teams. Being multi- talented he also delivers many of our accredited health and safety and first aid courses and is particularly renowned for doing the “mo-bot”. Richard’s props include our beloved resusc Annies (he calls them his “girls”) a range of fake wounds and a bag of cat litter.

Both Richard and Fiona are registered tutors for Highfield Qualifications and work with a number other qualified associate trainers who add a little extra magic. All of our associates are tested for fun content and friendliness and hold full magic carpet licences.

Claire is a genie and office manager and has been with us since 2013. Claire is awesome at keeping the lamp in shape and she is magically equipped with an immense amount of patience. A complete whizz with the figures, her desk is always tidy despite attempts by the other genie’s in the lamp to untidy it. Claire will keep you up to date with all of the lamp news via twitter and facebook. She is the friendly voice that will answer the lamp phone and the friendly face that will welcome you to your course. She will make sure that you get your certificate as soon as possible using our special magic carpet delivery service!